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Friday, December 15, 2006

Orange Man?

A nice neighbor of ours brought us half a box of clementines. What a sweet treat! It was a cold day and the kids and I were making our usual trip back home after the usual pick after school. Usual question: Are ya'll ready for a snack, what would you like? Oranges, please and tea. Yes my kids love tea. They have grown up with it. So it takes a few minutes to make tea and peel the smallish oranges. As I peel the oranges the kids stand around like little bees around honey. They smell the wonderful citrus aroma and swoon with delight. I give Nate the first unpeeled, juicy gem of an orange. He holds it carefully and sits at his place at the table. Eager to start he asks if he can begin eating. I ask him to be polite, be patient, and wait for the ladies before beginning. As I continue with the rest of the tea and orange preparations, my little man does wait patiently. I come around the corner to see a bright, proud smile on his face and then his question: do you like my orange man? I could not help but laugh, not because I thought he was silly but because once again I am amazed at his creative musings. It would never enter my mind to do such a thing! Let's hear it for imagination - something that happens sans too much TV and video games. What a wonderful expression of enjoying life and being patient at the same time. (I hope person A and person S are happy I posted something.);0)