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Thursday, July 21, 2005

Double rainbow

double rainbow

This is very similar to what I saw about a week ago in Colorado in the middle of a Thunderstorm. I was stunned looking at a rainbow more vivid and long lasting than any other I had seen in my life, when someone walked by and said, "Did you see those rainbows?" Rainbows? Then I saw it, WoW! A double rainbow, the work of God's had took my breath away.

I was reminded in a very real way that God keeps His promises. I know that no matter how dark it is, light and color shine through ever brighter despite the darkness.

Sunday, July 17, 2005

Home, Sweet Home

I just spent a week in Colorado. I was surrounded by God's Glory in the Rocky Mountains. I saw beauty all around me and wondered at the majesty of His creation.

I am so glad for the safe trip and happy memories of being at camp with 8 teen age girls and one lovely friend who is patient and full of wisdom and wit.

I missed my family so much it hurt, by the end of the week I was truly homesick. I had such a splendid warm welcome home from my dear husband and kids. The house was perfect, there were beautiful Gerber daisies and other happy flowers to greet me as well as a home made "Welcome Home" banner that will never see a trash can as long as I live. So much love was put into that work of art. My dear Husband was so thoughtful to have one of my favorite movies "The Scarlet Pimpernel" with Jane Seymour and Ian what's his name from "Lord of the Ring's"! What a treat!

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

all american girl

all american girl

Essence of America -

Holding a sweet chubby baby was a highlight in my day on the 4th of July! I loved the smells, sounds and sights that the 4th of July - hot dogs on the grill, the laughter of kids being thrown into the pool, and with out a doubt fabulous fire works!

In fact, my dear husband got up extra early to hitch a ride with a friend to Lubbock, Texas to set up a fire works show. He gave me a call just to let my know all went well and he still had eye brows!

What a lovely time of being reminded of fond memories and a time of making memories!