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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Happy 10th

Ten years ago today, my beloved and I began our journey together in this life. What a blessed sanctifying experience it has been! Domesticity and submission were quite a shocking jolt for me, but I am now truly embracing that which I thought was demeaning. I take joy in the roll that I have been given as a wife and then as a mother. I delight in knowing that whilst tidying my house I can glorify my Father in Heaven and bless not only my family, but those who come to visit us as well. This attitude is a far cry from where I began ten years ago. I rejoice in seeing the mighty work that God has done in making me a new creation and allowing my mind to be renewed and conformed to His word. This is the evidence of my salvation, the reassurance I need, knowing that my faith is not blind nor in vain.

When I began this blog, I promised to tell the story behind the title Destination: Sanctification. I in no way grew up in a traditional christian home. When Dan and I were dating I attended his church - a Presbyterian church at that! It was not much time before we were married in said Presbyterian church. What a sweet ceremony and lovely reception. A wedding dinner was planned for the evening, in which I think all of the groom's men were involved with some tom foolery associated with our "get away" car. It involved shoe polish, shaving cream, Oreo cookies, and ribbon. I remember vividly reading on the hood of our car Destination: Sanctification. Truly, I had never read or heard that word before. Here I was a new bride and I wondered to myself, "What does that mean?" I chuckle now as I think about it. It was meant as a joke, but it has seemed to me more prophetic than anything. That phrase has haunted my mind over the years, it has become familiar, and now I find security in it. It is the story of my life.